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Session 5: The future of digital banking in Indonesia | 4 May | 13:00 WIB

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Session 1

SESSION 1 | Beyond banking: becoming a lifestyle bank

Razer FinTech, Amar Bank, RCBC, Revolut and LexisNexis discuss: 

  • A digital and remote era: how has the pandemic impacted customer expectations for products and services?
  • Learning from the super apps: how can banks boost engagement and customer satisfaction?
  • Developing a marketplace model of products and services: what ecosystem of connections might we see?
  • Evaluating the realities of becoming a lifestyle partner: how can banks make the leap?
  • From chatbots to PFM: what new developments will experience further growth?
  • In what time frame will banks broaden services and play a bigger role in customers’ daily lives?
  • Becoming the lifestyle platform of choice: how can banks come out on top?
  • image
    LiMeng Lee Chief Executive Officer, Razer FinTech
  • image
    Lito Villaneuva Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer, RCBC
  • image
    Sarveen Chester Global Expansion Manager, Revolut
  • image
    Cameron Church Director Market Planning - Fraud & Identity, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

SESSION 1 | Partnerships and collaboration: exploring strategies for success

HSBC, Standard Chartered, Insignia Ventures Partners & Krungsri Finnovate discuss: 

  • A future forged from partnerships: what collaborations will we see moving forward?
  • Embracing the next wave of fintech solutions: how are incumbents and Big Techs reacting?
  • A mutual exchange of value: adopting the right partnership approach
  • Developing an open and connected industry: what are the technologies set to achieve this?
  • A tough balancing act: managing the expectations of competing partners
  • Partnerships with technology companies: how are these set to evolve in an era of open innovation?
  • image
    Jen Flowers ASP Head of Partnership Development & Innovation, Wealth & Personal Banking, HSBC
  • image
    Marnix Zwart Global Head of Partnerships Retail Banking, Standard Chartered
  • image
    Yinglan Tan Founding Managing Partner, Insignia Ventures Partners
  • image
    Sam Tanskul Managing Director, Krungsri Finnovate

Session 2

SESSION 2 | Resilient, agile, secure - future-proofing banking operations

  • Lessons from COVID-19: what are the key takeaways for future transformation initiatives?
  • Leaving legacy behind: what is stopping institutions from taking the leap to agile new systems?
  • Cloud-enabled agility: what are the opportunities and risks for banks?
  • A spotlight on security: what threats might arise and how can they be mitigated?
  • Automating the back-end: what should and what shouldn’t be automated?
  • To what extent can advanced data analytics provide better operational insights, and how can this save costs?
  • Resilience in the face of systemic risks: what more should banks do to prepare?
  • Developing a new mindset: what is required to create the right innovation environment?
  • image
    Peter Dingle Head of Business Model Innovation, HSBC
  • image
    Mayda Lim Head of Technology, ANZ Bank
  • image
    Julie Guetta Head of Payments Strategy, RedCompass

SESSION 2 | Taking customer journeys digital

  • What impact has COVID-19 had on customer’s digital behaviour of what they now expect of banks?
  • Mastering the digital world: how can banks satisfy all customer needs online?
  • Chatbots on the rise: unlocking the power of automated conversations
  • How far can automation go: what processes are best suited to be automated, and why?
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics: how can banks create a hyper-personalised strategy?
  • AI versus human: to what extent can AI be used to simulate the human touch in customer service?
  • Looking ahead: will customers of the future ultimately want more or less human interaction? How can banks get this balance right?
  • image
    Bidyut Dumra Head of Innovation and Ecosystems, DBS Bank
  • image
    Deepak Sharma Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • image
    Jimmy Koh Chief Commercialisation Officer, UOB
  • image
    Cameron Church Director Market Planning - Fraud & Identity, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

SESSION 2 | Adapting to thrive not to survive

Join two digital thought-leaders as they discuss and debate the actions banks should take to transform their business strategies to fit a post-COVID world.

  • image
    Henry Aguda Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Union Bank of the Philippines
  • image
    Dom Braun Managing Director, APAC (ex-JAP/KOR), Episode Six

Session 3

SESSION 3 | Seamless, instant, connected: user experience is everything in payments

  •  From simplicity to speed: what makes a seamless payment experience?
  • To what extent can customers be encouraged to adopt new payment methods?
  • To what extent has COVID-19 driven an uptake in contactless payments?
  • Exploring the rise of invisible payments: taking frictionless and contactless experiences even further
  • Virtual technology is here: are voice-enabled payments the next big innovation?
  • Facial recognition payments: how long until it becomes the standard?
  • A single identifier: what more is required to make digital identities mainstream in payments?
  • image
    Caecilia Chu Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, YouTrip
  • image
    Brad Jones Chief Executive Officer, Wave Money
  • image
    Paolo Azzola Chief Operating Officer, PayMaya
  • image
    Kertapradana Subagus Head of Strategic Partnerships, Grab Indonesia
  • image
    Urvashi Gupta Regional Manager, Onfido

SESSION 3 | New frontiers in payment infrastructure

  •  The current state of play: what are the latest innovations in payments in SEA?
  • Eliminating fraud in payments: exploring a new era of KYC and AML
  • Financial inclusion: how can new payment infrastructure tackle this challenge?
  • Real-time, 24/7 cross-border payments: what will it take for this to become a reality?
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: how are these set to transform the world of payments?
  • What impact would central bank digital currencies have on ASEAN economies?
  • Laying a robust compliance framework: how are regulators adapting to the growing trend of e-payments?
  • image
    Vincent Lau Head of International Payments, HSBC
  • image
    Judy Bei Global Head of Payments and Receivables, Mobile Money, Standard Chartered
  • image
    Frederic Ho Vice President of APAC, Jumio

Session 4

SESSION 4 | Will the virtual banking licence initiative drive financial inclusion across the APAC region?

Join two digital thought-leaders as they discuss:

  • Is the digitalisation of banking services the foundation for improving financial inclusion?
  • Should financial inclusion be left to the FinTech’s? Or can banks serve the unbanked profitably?
  • Are platforms like Grab the best way to reach this underserved customer base? If so, why?
  • Product innovation for financial inclusion: how could data help shape new offerings?
  • image
    Louis Foo Head of Digital Banking, Consumer Banking Group (Singapore), DBS Bank
  • image
    Richard Harris EVP of Global Sales, Feedzai

SESSION 4 | Customer experience in the new virtual banking world

United Overseas Bank, TNEX, KASIKORNBANK and Episode Six discuss:

  • How will the new digital banks improve CX for customers across Asia?
  • Will millennials and gen z be the new digital bank’s 1st customers? How do these younger customers want to interact with their banking services?
  • What ways will we see banking change through the use of AI?
  • How should the incumbent banks respond?
  • Designing excellent digital experiences in the mobile-first environment: strategies for success
  • From KYC to biometrics: building seamless and secure mobile experiences
  • How will the digital journey for payments evolve in 2021 and beyond?
  • image
    Stuart Smith Executive Director – Head of Regional Engagement Platforms & User Experience Design, United Overseas Bank
  • image
    Bryan Carroll Chief Executive Officer, TNEX
  • image
    Supaneewan Chutrakul First Senior Vice President, KASIKORNBANK
  • image
    Dom Braun Managing Director, APAC (ex-JAP/KOR), Episode Six

SESSION 4 | Competing in APAC's digital landscape: overcoming legacy systems and championing agility

ICICI Bank, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and Bottomline Technologies discuss:

  • Making the leap to agile: how can banks combine new technologies with legacy systems?
  • From flexibility to cost savings: digging into the strategic benefits of cloud technology
  • A spotlight on automation: which areas of the business are most suited to automation, and why? 
  • What are the most fruitful use cases of AI? Which players are leading the way?
  • How are banks leveraging various data sets to enhance operational agility and customer engagement? 
  • How can organisations adopt agile methodologies and scale this across the business?
  • image
    Anupam Verma Chief Executive - Singapore & Regional Head – SEA, ICICI Bank
  • image
    Kaspar Situmorang Executive Vice President, Bank Rakyat Indonesia
  • image
    Eli Shoshani Head of APAC, Bottomline Technologies

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